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Managing Mental Health in Ministry
People are faced with challenging situations all throughout the day. some Situations are easily overcome, but others are not. Their mental and emotional pain lingers and lingers, often as they suffer silently. They are ashamed and afraid to admit they are hurting as much as they are.

It is unfortunate that when some people finally turn to the church for help, they are only told to ​pry about it. They are comforted with familiar scriptures from the Bible. Although nothing is wrong with starting there, too many are left there.

It is time for pastors and Ministers in African-American churches and truly all churches, to refer these people to professional, trained pastoral/Christian counselors.

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My mission is start honest, open discussions about the problems of mental health in the Church. I want mental health forums and talks to become just as prevalent and important as the focus on physical health. I want to see mental health reach the prominence and urgency as other issues facing the Christian community.

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